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Cypher: The Sequel to Traitors Gate (PC only)
Developed by: 258 Productions AB
Release Date: Fall, 2003

CYPHER: The Sequel to Traitors Gate is an adventure game that combines brain-teasing challenges and broad exploration. The game features rich and beautifully rendered environments with a strong and believable main character, Raven. This heroic figure has a collection of interesting gadgets and is reminiscent of a certain Mr. Bond.


Schizm 2 - Mysterious Journey: Chameleon (PC only)
Developed by: Detallion S.C.
Release Date: Winter, 2003

Mysterious Journey: Chameleon is a first-person perspective, puzzle-oriented adventure game that follows on from the best-selling adventure game, Schizm. Combining eye-catching environments with challenging puzzles, gamers seek to save an ancient colony on a small planet from destruction.


Crystal Key II: The Far Realm (PC only)
Developed by: Earthlight Productions Inc.
Release Date: Winter, 2003

The sequel to The Crystal Key, this beautiful science-fantasy adventure story sends gamers into an intriguing, unique and unknown world. What starts as a quest to find a kidnapped stranger, grows into an odyssey that culminates with an ending of epic proportions.


Jack the Ripper (PC only)
Developed By: Galilea Multimedia SARL
Co-Published with Wanadoo Edition
Release Date: Winter, 2003

While writing a series of articles about horrible murders in the Low Side District of New York, reporter, Jimmy Palmer becomes involved in a deadly game of cat and mouse. His daily editorials trigger the interest of a dark being, who corresponds with Palmer via the newspaper. Palmer soon realizes that this crazed killer could be the infamous Jack the Ripper!


Forever Worlds (PC only)
Developed By: Hexagon Entertainment LLC
Release Date: Winter, 2003

Forever Worlds is a 1st person ‘pure’ adventure game that transports the player into a series of surreal and immersive worlds. As an archaeological detective, gamers embark on an amazing journey through a chain of non-parallel dimensions, where magic and fantasies merge. Intuitive interfaces and navigation combine with fully integrated puzzles for a great adventure.


Atlantis Evolution (PC only)
Developed By DreamCatcher Europe Ships in Europe
Release Date: Spring, 2004

1904. On his way back to New York, Curtis Quick, a young adventurer and photographer, is caught in a vortex that sends him to the heart of the lost city of Atlantis…A stranger in a land of hi-tech and archaic faith, Curtis endures thrilling adventure helping the people of Atlantis overthrow the mighty ‘Atlantian’ Gods.


Egypt 3: Egyptian Prophecy (PC only)
Developed By DreamCatcher Europe Ships in Europe
Release Date: Winter, 2003

Ramses II is dying and with him the glory of Egypt shall fall. Amon-Ra, the Sun-God, promises to extend his life in exchange for the most magnificent temple ever built. Trouble is not far away as the building site for the temple is affected by a number of sinister incidents. Maia, a young priestess, must solve the mystery behind these events and save the life of the Pharaoh.

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