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BOYZ DON’T CRY nearly completed!

Warsaw, 31.08.2004. L’Art, Polish games developer, have just announced, that their new game BOYZ DON’T CRY is almost finished - master disc will be ready at the end of September 2004.

BOYZ DON’T CRY is an old-school adventure game, in the famous Sierra or LucasArts games style. Not a 3D-latest-technology-stuff, but a fun and entertaining comedy adventure with A Soul. The game tells the story of two gangsters, who are given a chance by the God: one to get out of the prison, other to… resurrect! In return, they must do only good deeds, like crushing a gang of drug dealers.

There are a lot of humorous and sometimes bizarre situations, numerous puzzles and a lot of magnificent graphics and sounds.

L’Art is currently looking for distributors and publishers willing to cooperate on the game.


Game features:

  • More than 500 pages of wild screenplay and risky dialogue!

  • More than five hours of recorded dialogue, of which no more than one hour is bearable.

  • More than 50 different, fully animated and speaking (unfortunately) characters. Their language is full of dialect and idiolect, which means they say stupid things and use a lot of that annoying beeep! sound.

  • Almost 50 hand-drawn locations! The action takes place in three esthetically different lands. You can't beat that with a stick.

  • Classical drama construcion - prologue, epilogue and three acts (now, isn't that nice?)

  • Bitchin' music, created by at least three composers, who have never seen each other in their lives!

  • Brain-frying riddles, puzzles and mysteries, unexpected story twists that will leave you sleepless at night!

  • Comic strips!

Official website: www.boyzdontcry.com


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