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Announcing the Zelenhgorm Experience!

Is it a PC software game? Is it an interactive movie? Is it a book? It’s all of these!

Go to www.zelenhgorm.com and be impressed !

Malmo, 7th of October

Zelenhgorm - The Great Ship, episode one, is now available for purchase on our webshop:


Sorry for any inconvenience and I'll hope you enjoy the game.

Keep an eye on our web-site; www.zelenhgorm.com or www.moloto.com for updates, previews, interviews and more about the world of Zelenhgorm.

My best to you and see ya' all in Zelenhgorm,

Michi Lantz

director and producer

Moloto AB
Amiralsgatan 17, 12th floor
211 55 Malmo



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