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Budapest, 10/10 2007
Private Moon Studios Press Release


AGON: The Lost Sword of Toledo now became gold

Yoomurjak’s Ring ready to enter non-Hungarian markets


AGON: The Lost Sword of Toledo development completed

Private Moon Studios is happy to announce, that: 

After several years of development, the next instalment in the AGON series, The Lost Sword of Toledo has become gold, so the game will hit the shelves soon in Europe, the US and Russia. The game features Professor Samuel Hunt as its protagonist, who travels to the famous Spanish city as a next step in his journey in pursuit of the mysterious lost board games. The adventure is the largest AGON episode to date, with about 15-20 hours of gameplay, according to our beta tests. The game is a full DVD release, episodic distribution being abandoned with the release of the new AGON title.

In Europe, the publisher will be Lexicon Entertainment as of now, in Russia Labcroft Ltd. will distribute the game, with Russian localization. We are still negotiating with several companies regarding distribution in the US and Canada.

More information on the game, its story and characters can be found on the www.agongame.com site. You will find a lot of background information on Toledo and other game related locations and items, as well as screenshots and concept art images.

We have several resources at your disposal to place on websites and/or magazine cover disks:

The English demo version of The Lost Sword of Toledo can be downloaded from this location:


We also have trailers in hi and low quality that can be downloaded respectively from these links:





Yoomurjak’s Ring being prepared to launch outside Hungary

Private Moon Studios’ FMV title, Yoomurjak’s Ring was published last Christmas in Hungary, and is now prepared for international launch as well. The game features 25 hours of solid adventure gameplay, with increasingly difficult puzzles, taking place in a city in Hungary, named Eger. The game has over 1,5 hours of DVD quality video recorded, with more that 200 locations to explore. The story has roots in the city’s history, so creating an international version will require the developers to incorporate some changes, providing more context where necessary for non-Hungarian gamers. This process will take place now, after The Lost Sword of Toledo being finished. Following a survey on a popular adventure gaming site, the decision about creating a subtitle-only localization in English or a full dubbing is still pending, the final outcome largely depends on the publishing partner for the game – this is still an open question, as Private Moon did not approach any publishers to date with this game.

Meanwhile, the English language demo version can be downloaded from this location:


More information is also available about the game at:


For a hi-res English trailer, please use this download location:



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