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Press-Release 14-03-2001



Project 3 is very happy to announce that its forthcoming stunning adventure game SCHIZM: MYSTERIOUS JOURNEY, developed by Polish studio LK Avalon, has now reached beta stage.

"The product is as good as finished", Project 3 CEO Robert Ercevic says. "We have been testing it thoroughly the last few weeks to make sure that it will be absolutely bugfree. It now comes down to additional tweeking and sorting out some last details."

Schizm, one of the first games that is being created especially for DVD-rom, has been hugely anticipated by adventure gaming communities ever since its development started 21/2 years ago. "I know we have tested the patience of the many Schizm fans that are already out there quite a bit", Ercevic continues, "but we are of course talking about almost 10 Gigabyte of data that needs to be perfected. Not a small task by any means."

The game, which combines the most breathtaking graphics ever seen with a quality SF-story and tons of daunting puzzles, will be released on DVD-rom and PC CD-rom simultaneously. A Project 3 spokesman further stated that they are very confident that Schizm will be released in May 2001, as scheduled. The product's goldmaster is expected early April.

For additional information please contact Erik Schreuder at : pr@p3int.com or check www.p3int.com or www.schizm.com for gamedetails.

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