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Chiavari, 24 January 2007

With years of experience working on Graphic Adventures, having given digital birth to the voluptuous DRUUNA, revealed the mystery of eternal life with the "detective of the impossible" MARTIN MYSTÈRE, stopped a brutal conspiracy involving Judas’ betrayal with JONATHAN DANTER while waiting to find out what the king of terror DIABOLIK can do… Artematica is pleased to announce that our next adventure will star another famous character from the world of comics: JULIA!

The creator of Julia, Giancarlo Berardi, declared "The world of PC games is a new world for me. And like everything that is new, I’m really curious to find out what will happen. Seeing Julia outside her "comic setting" is sure to be stimulating and surprising. I really enjoy working with people whose way of thinking is similar to mine: there is always something new to learn!".

Artematica’s General Manager, Riccardo Cangini, says "We are enthusiastic about taking on the difficult task of transmigrating one of the most introspective and lifelike characters of the world of comics from paper to digital life. We’re sure that this won’t be easy but it is one of those challenges we couldn’t refuse!".

Scheduled to be released by the end of 2007, JULIA is an adventure that will immerse the players in the life of this famous criminologist using the same realism and psychological introspectiveness that characterises Julia in the comics.

My name is JULIA: http://www-en.sergiobonellieditore.it/julia/servizi/il-mio-nome-julia.html

The creator of JULIA: http://www-en.sergiobonellieditore.it/julia/servizi/creatori.html


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