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Pressemeldung Agon

First Adventure Game Series, Agon to Hit the Scene

Adventure game developer Private Moon Studios is to release Agon, the first
adventure game series ever. Agon is a pure adventure game that comes in
fourteen episodes over a period of two years. Each episode is self-contained
and can be fully enjoyed in itself, but also contributes to the story of
Professor Samuel Hunt's adventures.

Professor Samuel Hunt works for the British Museum at the turn of the 20th
century. Through his eyes, the player is likely to discover documents and
objects in the offices and stores of the Museum. Based on these, Professor
Hunt sets out to discover ancient secret board games in twelve parts of the
world, and finally solve an age-old mystery.

Each episode features interaction with other characters, several puzzles,
and as a master puzzle, a board game to be played against one of the
characters. Developers took great pains to include relatively unknown board
games that also fit with the cultural context that the given episode is
taking place in. Soundtrack also relies on the music of the local culture.

Special options
You can play the board games at the end of each episode over the Internet
with other gamers. Or the board games can be played offline, against your
computer. The game's website, www.agongame.com provides additional reading,
cheats and hints between episodes.

Adventure series
Private Moon Studios decided on a game series both to experiment with a new
format in adventure gaming and to shortcut the path from development to
publishing. This novel format is intrinsic to the storyline, as twelve
different areas of the world are explored in each episode. It also allows
additional information and interaction at the game's website,
www.agongame.com that may influence how an episode is completed. Although
the episodes create a linear order of adventures, multiple paths are
available inside each episode. Gamers are also encouraged to share their
ideas with developers to influence the content of episodes far ahead.

The game will not be available in traditional stores but gamers will have to
visit the game's website, www.agongame.com for each episode. By choosing
distribution over the Internet, Private Moon Studios is shortcutting the
usual channels of distribution. This allows this small company to market its
product without the several years of delay that usually takes place between
the idea of an adventure game and its actual marketing. This method also
enables users to directly support developers both financially and with their
input of ideas. The release of episode one is due in September and will be
followed by further episodes bimonthly.

Private Moon Studios
Private Moon Studios is an adventure game developer and publishing company
in Hungary. The name "Private Moon" is well-known as a publisher of pop
music in the region. For more information and to subscribe for our press
section, visit www.agongame.com.

adventure-archiv 25-07-03